Self Titled

by Ornament

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Trying to reflect surroundings and feelings, both of which are easily avoided.


released August 19, 2016

Production, Vocals - Daniel
Lead Guitar - Richard
Artwork - Jesse Feinman
Photo - Hannah Farrington



all rights reserved


Ornament Manchester, UK

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Track Name: We Can See
"Well, well is it too late to see?"
"its too late to see
I thought, thought that we could see"
"well its too late to see?"

So now,
Your body is free
but it’ll crush me to think
Another hand, another man
jealously pools and I will sink into it, I will sink

Nature is a curse on the rational man
and I am him, I am
to live with all decisions
to live with all regrets
to live knowing how I messed up.
But times passes by
"and well, well its too late to see anyway"
"its too late?
I thought, thought we could see… "
"well its too late"
Track Name: Pains Me To Stay
Well to be clear
I didn’t want to feel.
To be dragged into tears.

And then they dry up
left clear to see
A match not best fit
Between me and the sea.

I couldn't face
to hold you back
From where you ought to be,
a thousand miles from me

Ceremonies, special days
The ones pain me away
From your side,
To leave you more satisfied, I hope

So now your free
to do as you please
However we dress it up
Some things are just for the best.
Track Name: Cycles
The body tires
of others work
day in, day out.

The body tires,
Its starting to show
Dragged heals in and out, in and out.

Summer ends, seasons change.
No sun at night,
the heats gone to sleep.

Winter changes, year ends
A clearer sight of,
Of everything I missed.

The body tires
It cycles and cycles
towards death in, in the night.

Spring a change, unto me
a fresh start,
a rested body laid

The body tires
of weathered work
Morning and nights
and nights into mornings.

Fall into cycle
And tell me,
Where does the time go?
Track Name: To Sit With Angels
Distractions come first
They plague the love
its so hard to just sit
and melt into.

oh to be at one with you

Trying to find
a nook of time
To get out of head
To have these thoughts shead

Hard to comprehend
Or make sense
With others, no time,
To look to heavens
And fall out of head.

oh to be at one with you

I see now what I took in vain.
A devotion to spend with you,
A gentle lust again
There's so much to learn still, to gain.

oh to be at one with you